Fail Crew is an international crew of pilots that has secured its top rating position at the most prestigious drifting competitions. If you’re up against anyone from Fail Crew on the track, be prepared to – yes, fail.


Every crew member’s automobile is an object of modern art on wheels, attracting attention of both thousands of spectators and the media. All the vehicles driven by Fail Crew are designed by , a famous artist.


Crew members take part in all major world drifting series, such as Drift Allstars, Russian Drift Series, Eastern Europe Drift Series, and make it to the podiums, or at least prizes, most of the time.


Behind the outstanding sports success you will find many hours of hard work put in by the technical team of Fail Crew: its engineers rigorously monitor all the new ideas and products in the market and develop unique technical solutions for the pilots.

Who We Are?

We are the Fail Crew

Max Tvardovsky

St. Petersburg, Russia

Arkady Tsaregradtsev

Krasnoyarsk, Russia


Fail Crew loads of videos at pilots accounts on YouTube as well as at official channel FailCrewStyle

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